Our living environment is rapidly changing in accordance with the industrial development.
We are endeavoring our best efforts to prevent industrial damages caused by microorganisms and to provide more pleasant and safe living environment.
Our main product lines comprise the inorganic Ag biocide using silver ions, industrial antimicrobial, industrial antiseptic, and the concrete biocide products which protect the sewer ducts from corrosion by microorganism.

① Industrial Antimicrobial
The PANGYUNCIDE series products are produced with superior antibiotic, safe, and eco-friendly materials for almost all the industrial use.
The products are available for almost all the fields in our daily living, including the materials for building construction, civil works, and living commodities. Quality of the existing commodities can be enhanced to improve market competitiveness.

② Industrial Antiseptic
Corrosion and rotting are every where around us in our daily lives.
AH SUNG Precision Chemical has developed diversified Bactocide series products to solve corrosion and rotting problems.
The Bactocide series products are applied in various water soluble products across the industries, such as water paints, water soluble lubricants, water type adhesives, emulsions, papering pastes, oils for synthetic fibers, and dyes.

③ Inorganic Biocide
The Bactocide-Z Series developed by our own technology is an Ag ion inorganic biocide with the characteristics of the inorganic ion exchanger and the antibiotic metal(Ag) ion.
These antibiotic products are made of inorganic materials which are harmless to human body. They are the biocides that can conduct both strong antibiotic function with the Ag ion and the body activation functions with the far infrared radiating ceramic.
Different from the conventional organic biocides, they provide higher anti-thermal and safe characteristics, and long-term, persistent effect against a wide variety of microorganisms and molds.
The weak points of the conventional Ag ion inorganic biocides have been improved. They can be mixed up with plastics, fibers, and resins without changing color. Their physical and chemical stability can meet a wide range of applications in the market, providing innovative inorganic biocides.