Concrete Biocide Business
Centrifugal molded concrete pipes are widely used for sewer systems due to their good quality.
However, the concrete surface is weak against the sulfuric acid generated from the organic matter in the sewage and wastewater, resulting in shortened life span.
To cope with such problem, we have developed an anti-corrosion solution jointly with the KICM(Korea Institute of Construction Materials).
The BACTOCIDE-HM is the method to suppress the growth of the microorganisms which generate sulfuric acid, to prevent the concrete degradation by the sulfuric acid in the sewer system.
The BACTOCIDE-HM method provides a semi-permanent anti-corrosion solution, both on the surface and inside of concrete, without separate process and facility. Repairing works also can be carried out simply by adding the Biocide in the mortar.
- Add 1% of cement, without additional process or facility
- Strong antibiotic power against sulfur oxidizing microorganisms
- Strong antibiotic power against various harmful microorganisms
- Sufficient dispersion effect with conventional facilities
- No influence on the compressive strength of concrete
- Long-term maintainability and economy.